Solar Monitoring System

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Most people opt to have a solar monitoring system with their solar installation. This will allow you to be able to monitor your solar production and to check if everything is up and running correctly.
It is important to remember that it is your responsibility to monitor your solar system, the installation company is not monitoring it. We can at will log in to check but we are not monitoring thousands of individual solar systems. You will have an app on your phone/computer and will be advised how to use it, it is very easy to use. It is recommended that you check it at least once a week, if you did not check for a month or two and let’s say the inverter was down and the system was not producing then that would mean you will have lost that amount of time in solar production…as stated before we are not monitoring your solar system.
When checking your monitoring system and everything is good, no error codes and everything running correctly you could assume correctly that your solar system is producing as much energy for the given amount of sun on that day. The production daily will vary slightly and that is normal. The production in spring and summer will vary greatly from fall and winter, the production will be much lower on rainy, cloudy days. This is all normal. Please look for significantly lower production and error codes and if you notice any of that give your solar installation company a call so that they may ascertain the issue and correct it so you will not lose production.
PacificSky Solar is happy to assist our customers with any issues and questions they may have about their solar system and how their monitoring system works.

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