Referral Program Terms and Conditions


You can receive a $500 referral award for each referral that signs with PacificSky. Terms and conditions apply.


The PacificSky Solar Referral Program (the “Program”) is limited to current PacificSky Solar customers who have entered into a valid [residential lease, power purchase agreement, system purchase agreement, or installment contract] (“PacificSky Products”) with PacificSky Solar that choose to participate in this Program, and agree to these terms and conditions (“Participant”). Participants must reside in the state of California.

To receive credit for a referral under the Program, Participant must be the first Participant to identify an original lead by providing accurate contact information (including name, address, telephone number, email address, and such other information as may be reasonably requested) of one or more qualified prospective customers who must be: (1) at least 18 years of age, (2) a single-family homeowner, and (3) reside in the state of California (“Lead”), in the appropriate Referral Form. Lead must have no prior contact with PacificSky Solar. Not every Lead will qualify for a PacificSky Products. In the event of conflicting referrals, Participant understands and agrees that PacificSky Solar has sole discretion to review and decide which competing Participant may receive credit for the Lead. In order for the Participant to receive credit for a referral, the Lead must complete an application, be qualified, and enter a PacificSky Products agreement with PacificSky Solar. For each eligible referral, Participant shall receive a $500 referral award (“Referral Award”).

Only one Referral Award will be paid per Lead, regardless of whether the Lead enters multiple PacificSky Products agreements. Participant will not receive a Referral Award for referring themselves, nor referring anyone living in the same household. Participant will not earn a Referral Award if their Lead has an existing PacificSky Solar account or if their Lead does not correctly reference Participant when first creating their account. The Referral Award may be taxable income and Participant is responsible for the payment of all applicable taxes and liabilities resulting from the Referral Award. PacificSky Solar may require Participant to submit an IRS 1099 form to extent required under applicable law.

Participants are limited to referring their own friends, family members, and direct acquaintances whom they believe may be eligible for PacificSky Products. Any Lead must be able to personally identify their referrer (i.e. Participant). PacificSky Solar reserves the right to disqualify anyone from this Program at any time. Anyone who violates these terms and conditions is ineligible for payment of any referral award.


Participant agrees not to solicit applications for PacificSky Products. Participant agrees not to compensate, or accept any compensation from, any Lead referred to PacificSky Solar through the Program. Participant further agrees that Participant’s activities will be limited to informing Participant’s contacts about PacificSky Products so that a Lead may independently decide whether or not to apply for PacificSky Products.

No Spam

Participant must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including anti-spam laws. Any distribution of content related to the Program, including by email or social media, must be done in a personal manner to a known contact. Bulk email distribution and any use of automated devices or third party services is prohibited. The Program and PacificSky Solar information should only be sent to Participant’s own friends, family members, and direct acquaintances whom Participant believes to be eligible for PacificSky Products. Participants may not purchase internet search terms or publicly advertise the Program or PacificSky Products in any fashion. Any distribution of the Program or PacificSky Solar information that could constitute unsolicited commercial email or “spam,” any content which impersonates or implies an affiliation with or endorsement by PacificSky Solar, or any actions which otherwise violate any terms and conditions imposed by PacificSky Solar, are prohibited and will be grounds for immediate termination.

Independent Contractor

Participant’s participation in the Program is solely as an independent contractor. Neither you nor PacificSky Solar intend to establish an employment relationship and you are not entitled to any benefits.


This is a limited time offer, non-transferable, and cannot be combined with any other offer. PacificSky Solar reserves the right to change or discontinue this Program at any time in its sole discretion and without notice.

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