Timing of your solar installation

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People assume that they should get their solar Installation done in the Summer to offset their high Summer bills. Actually the sooner the better is the time to get your solar system installed, whenever that is.
A Solar system installed will always have to pass inspections and then go into the Utility Companies queue for PTO (permission to operate) so in Spring and Summer that queue is usually longer and the wait is longer. If you get the installation in Fall & Winter typically the queue is shorter.
Nonetheless, once your Solar Installation has been granted PTO it is always a 12-month production. Your solar system was sized upon your needs, typically the last 12-month usage, and accordingly you will have enough panels to produce that amount of electricity, this is the ying and the yang of the system overproducing in some months (typically spring and summer) to have enough credited solar energy with your utility company to get you through the night time and shorter months and inclement weather (typically fall and winter). However of course if you use more energy than what your solar system was built to produce in a 12-month time frame you will be billed the difference from your Utility Company or you may opt to purchase additional panels to meet your needs.
So the answer to ” When is the best time to install a solar system ” is now! Get it done and start producing clean green energy! Reap the benefits for decades to come!
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