Meet Our Team

 In About PacificSky Solar

Get to know the people who will install your system and will help you improve your lifestyle. This is PacificSky Solar team.

Rafi Pagus CEO

Rafi started the business back in 1994 with his wife Daniela. It began as ADR, “D” for Daniela, “R” for Rafi and the “A” was put at the front so that they would be first in the phone book. ADR started with electrical contracting for custom homes and commercial buildings. In 2004, Rafi was one of the first to add solar to the list of services provided. In 2014 when the company and the market for solar grew, Rafi changed the company name to PacificSky Solar.


Ricardo Tambriz Main Technician

Ricardo is our Site Survey Technician. He is a hard working person who is careful with what he does and analyzes roof spaces and conditions. He has been trained to use our special and safe equipment up on the roof and take shading readings and measurements, which our engineering department then uses. Ricardo is the technician who brings the most important information to us so we can work on the final design of your solar PV system.



Sergio Kuljacha Engineer

Sergio is the Project Engineer at our company who is very motivated and works hard in order to find solutions to problems. Sergio has a degree in Architecture and has learned the process of the solar photovoltaic system design. He also understands the needs required in this field in order to help the environment with renewable energy. Sergio loves to contribute and teach others the importance of solar has been trained to take care of the engineering design process from the site survey analysis to finalized solar plans.



Joaquin Gutierrez Field Supervisor

Joaquin is a hardworking, dedicated, and organized field supervisor. He has experience working in many environment conditions and coordinates all of the installer crews on the field. Joaquin is here to answer any installation or site questions you may have.




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