SunPower® X-Series Residential Solar Panels

Need more power? The X-Series delivers one better with 44% more power per panel, leading to an incredible 75% more guaranteed production over traditional panels. PacificSky recommends the X-Series as the go-to product for space savers and super producers alike.


Function and form
The X-Series panels are gorgeously designed to naturally blend with your roof using SunPower® Signature™ Black. SunPower considers all angles when designing panels, including reduction of glare through anti-reflective glass and the use of all-black solar cells. And, although the compact nature of the X-Series takes up less space, the panels deliver more power per panel allowing homeowners to position them on the sunniest parts of the roof. The X-Series residential solar panels are ideal for those who want to expand energy production later by adding panels to the space left in reserve.

Reliable and durable
The X-Series is built on a solid copper foundation providing unmatched reliability. SunPower stands behind the X-Series with the best combined power and product warrant over 25 years.