SunPower® E-Series Residential Solar Panels

Best performance, best warranty – and “best” doesn’t even do it justice. With superior overall energy production across the board and a warranty that is more comprehensive and lasts 2.5x as long as the competition, SunPower simply put, has no equal. As an Elite SunPower Dealer, we’ve done a number of E-Series installations that have generated big savings for our customers.


More power from less space
The SunPower E-Series delivers 36% more electricity per panel than the competitors, meaning less panels are needed to make the most of your limited roof space. That 36% more per panel converts to a 60% increase in energy production per square foot over the 25 years of warrantied life.

You will always have the option to expand energy production with the SunPower E-Series. E-Series is more effective, generating more energy using a smaller footprint.

25-year warranty
It is generally well known that all panels will eventually suffer some degradation over time. The SunPower E-Series panels are designed to deliver consistent, trouble-free energy for a very long lifetime. That is why SunPower offers the best combined power and product warranty over the span of 25 years.