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The Generac EcoGen backup generator

If you live off the grid, there will doubtless be times when you need a backup generator. If you use solar or wind energy it’s useful to have a backup system. Even when you are connected to the grid, a backup generator is useful when the electricity supply fails. As we have witnessed in the past few months, California residents are vulnerable to fire hazzards, mud slides, and earthquakes. It’s better, as they say, to be safe rather than sorry. Also, you wouldn’t want to be without the air conditioning system when the hot summer of So-Cal is approaching. Just opening the windows isn’t a good solution. That’s where the Generac EcoGen backup generator comes into play.

Generac Ecogen Generator for SolarWhy the Generac EcoGen backup generator?

Well, the Generac EcoGen backup generator is the only backup generator that is designed for off grid use. It also comes with a 3-year warranty. This means that you can have a 2,000-hour limited warranty for it. The Generac EcoGen back up generator is designed to run at lower speeds than normal when your household need for electricity is light. It’s quieter than similar generator when it is running normally, and you use less electricity, and it’s cleaner and more environmentally friendly than other generators.

The Generac EcoGen backup generator has a G-force engine which is purpose built and pressure-lubricated. This means that it can withstand your standard demands for power quite easily. It doesn’t need as much maintenance as other comparable generators, so you can have peace of mind knowing that it is unlikely to break down unless you overuse it. Also the Generac customer support people work 24/7, so if you have a problem, help s available around the clock.

If you are not sure if Generac EcoGen is right for you, you can find more information in this link

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