Solar battery storage for Net Metering 2.0

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Sonnen Solar BatteryAs the world’s share of energy generation shifts towards renewables, one problem continues to suppress the widespread revolution so many have predicted; the problem of storage. Net metering is a temporary solution to that problem, allowing residents to contribute their excess power generation to the grid. Net metering removes the possibility of wasting energy. However, in most of the states around the U.S. that solution remains a dream due to unfriendly political climates. Even in climate conscious states like California net metering is being altered to favor the utility over the consumer. The only way to truly liberate yourself from reliance on utilities is to have a personal solar battery storage system. But today’s battery storage options aren’t just a stack of car batteries in a cabinet in the garage. They bring intelligent energy management along with varying storage capacities to utilize every last watt of electricity. Systems like the German engineered, American manufactured sonnenBatterie.

The sonnenBatterie is the apex of home energy management and storage. It is the final touch for the homeowner that demands total energy independence. The sonnenBatterie comes housed in an all-in-one, complete assembly slightly smaller than the average household refrigerator. Along with the bank of lithium iron phosphate batteries the system houses an inverter, energy management hardware and intelligent software, fully integrated and intuitive.

The sonnenBatterie’s storage capacity ranges from 4kWh-16kWh. All of your excess solar energy is delivered to the battery first instead of straight out onto the grid. Then once the solar production falls below the homes demand, (when the sun sets or in the event of inclement weather) power is automatically switched over to solar battery usage. The unique power detection software also senses power outages in real time, seamlessly switching to stored usage so you won’t even have to reset your clocks.

For extended periods of poor weather that severely reduce your solar energy output sonnenBatterie still has you covered. Your sonnenBatterie has access to up to date weather data, so when it knows you won’t have enough energy to get through the night it purchases power from the utility when it is at its cheapest so that you don’t get stuck buying peak demand power.

To further your energy efficiency sonnenBatterie utilizes smart plug technology. With smart plug, this solar battery will use high consuming products like washing machines, electric heaters and dishwashers after the battery cells have been fully charged, so you put as little back onto the grid as possible.

And of course, it comes with its own app! With the sonnen App you can manage and control your energy usage and production. It gives you real time data so you can analyze your usage or even control your household usage remotely. The sonnenBatterie really is the futuristic smart home dream come true.

With net metering set to change July 1st the possibility to be grandfathered into the current, more homeowner friendly, version is coming to an end. Once that threshold is crossed the future for net metering is murky, but the future for home batteries such as sonnenBatterie seems bright.