The New Inverter Technologies By SolarEdge

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With new technologies for solar are presented to us constantly, two of the biggest improvement towards the new year are the new inverters by SolarEdge. The solar giant company has produced new inverters for homeowners and commercial uses that are game changers. The new SolarEdge HD-Wave inverter offers homeowners a simple solution for electric vehicle charger by integrating the charger into the inverter. As for commercial customers, the new extended range inverters offer up to 100Kw capacity in one small unit, rather than having a huge inverter, or several small ones.


With these two new inverters, SolarEdge has made life easier for both commercial and residential solar users. As we approach 2,018 the emphasis on new technology is being compatible and smaller. Joining the EV-charger with the new inverter really simplifies things for homeowners, while saving space. Instead of having to deal with two different systems and try to connect them, homeowners can now buy the 2-in-1 inverter and save time and trouble.


The new extended range inverter is perfect for commercial purposes, as it replaces the huge massive inverters with a small, easy to install unit, easy to lift, with simple steps to connect to your mobile phone. The best thing is that you can connect up to 31 inverters to your phone app, so you can manage up to 3,100Kw through your phone.


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