Why Invest in Solar Energy for your Home?

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Why Invest in Solar Energy for your Home?

Have you been thinking about installing solar panels in your home? Probably the cost has been an issue, so you haven’t pursued the matter as far as you might have. However, the initial cost of solar panels will be offset by cheaper fuel bills in the future.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of solar energy, although the only major con, or disadvantage is the cost of solar panels. Others are listed below.

Pros of having solar energy in your home

  • Solar energy is renewable and environmentally friendly
  • Solar energy is sustainable
  • It’s readily available and it doesn’t matter much if the day is dull
  • It reduces energy bills

Added to these factors is that having your home fuelled by the sun will increase your return on investment (ROI) significantly of your property if you decide to sell it.

But aren’t solar panels expensive to invest in?

Well yes, but….

You don’t have to buy the panels outright. There are companies that will lease or offer people a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  Companies might also have financing and purchasing options, which you should investigate.

If you have a PPA or lease, the company will monitor your panels and if they are not functioning as well as they should, a technician will come to fix the problem. if you buy the panels outright, you would have to pay to have them fixed.

More research and development are needed to make solar energy more efficient. Storing solar energy in batteries makes a lot of sense, so that if there is a surplus of energy, it can either be stored for later use, or it can be transferred to the grid. This surplus energy can be sold to the utility company you have an agreement with.

You can get rebates and tax credits if your home has solar energy. Investigate the possibilities with a reputable solar energy company. It probably isn’t as expensive as you think to have cleaner, greener energy.