How to Clean Your Solar Panels Correctly

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Clean solar panels can make the difference when it comes to yielding more power with your system. If you are thinking of cleaning your rooftop solar panels yourself, you will need to think carefully about your safety. You will need to close down the system before starting to clean your solar panels. If at all possible, stand on the ground to clean the panels.

Timing is Essential

Either clean the panels when the sky is overcast or in the early morning or evening. If you try to clean then under a scorching sun, the water you use will evaporate quickly and you will make matters worse by smearing dirt on the panels. Cleaning them in the early morning is a good plan, as you can use the dew that has appeared overnight on the panels. The dew softens the mud and dirt, making your job easier. You won’t have to use as much water if you use the accumulated dew.

Before you start using water to clean your solar panels, brush off any loose dirt and so on. This will make the cleaning process easier and a lot faster.

Use the Right Materials

Whatever you do don’t use metal or any abrasive material or products to clean the panels. If you scratch the glass on your panels this will result in them being less effective. If possible, also avoid the use of detergents. These might streak the glass.

Usually a coarse cloth sponge and a little light scrubbing will remove all the unwanted dirt. If your water is hard collect rainwater to give your solar panels their final rinse.

If you live near an airport, you may find oily stains on your panels. If this happens, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clear the stains.

Hire the Right Guy

However,  professionals recommend that you don’t get onto your roof to clean solar panels without the right safety equipment. They often say that cleaning solar panels on the roof of your home isn’t worth the hassle or potential danger. Using professional services is the best way to do it and guarantee success and safeness. If you are not sure who to call, we at PacificSky Solar can help you find the right crew for you. Click on this link and fill up the form and we can point you to the right company

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