How to Celebrate Earth Day

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earth dayHere are 10 ways you can help celebrate Earth Day, while saving our environment and planet earth.

  1. Conserve

Recycling isn’t limited to only water bottles and cans, here are the many more items you can recycle: glass, cell phone, unwanted wire hangers, cars, batteries, cars, clothing, etc.

  1. Eliminate Pollution

If you have the option to walk, ride your bike, or carpool, consider making one of these changes a habitual habit. Less cars on the road the better chances of avoiding traffic delays, excess pollution emitted from cars, and better air quality for the environment.

  1. Go Solar

Making the switch betters not only benefits homeowners but can better the environment while decreasing energy costs. It’s a fantastic way to reduce carbon footprint. Allow GREEN NRG to help you generate your own energy!

  1. Become Proactive In The Community

Volunteer your time to non or for profit organizations (local or national). Small efforts into making a difference for the world and helping the environment can create long term changes. A few local activities in your area should take place on earth Day, that’s a fantastic way to start.

  1. Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

An effortless way to reduce the amount of power you use and helping the planet is switching to energy efficient light bulbs.

  1. Save Water Consumption

Wash a large load in the dishwasher instead of hand washings, this could save hundreds of gallons of water a month.

  1. Paperless Billing

Switching your bills to receive them electronically as e-bills and or online invoices can conserve millions of trees each. No need for an abundance amount of useless paper every month, it’s going to end up in the shredder anyways!

  1. Faucet Leaks

Make sure to turn off the water when not in use, and tightly secure when doing so to eliminate excess water waste. Do your faucets leak? Leaks can waste a lot of water on a yearly basis, look making the improvement if you haven’t done so.

  1. Opt for Water Bottles, and Eliminate Plastic

Start using refillable water bottles. Did you know in the U.S alone, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used every year to make disposable plastic bottles? Reach for non-plastic carrier bags too. Plastic carrier bags can’t be recycled and are not biodegradable.

  1. Share The Knowledge

Becoming aware and educated is the key to doing all you can for the environment. The more you know about what you can do to better protect the environment, the more you can share your knowledge with others in protecting the environment.


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