California is the #1 State in Solar Energy Production

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The solar movement is growing with every year passing, but one state in the U.S is above all the other, when it comes to renewable energy. In the past few years, California residents have made it clear that they are part of the green movement. With great rebates and incentives, almost 10% off California’s total electricity came from solar energy in 2,016. That is about 18,296 mW produced from solar panels.  For comparison, the second most productive state in solar energy was North Carolina who produced 3,016 mW the same year. The third, Arizona, produced 2,982 mW.

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Although California has been leading the U.S in solar energy production for several years, the plan is to keep growing and produce more solar energy, lowering the dependency on grid power, and becoming a ‘greener’ state. By 2,020 California expects to have 33% of its total electricity come from renewable sources, and 50% by 2,030. Looking at the incredible progress that California had in the past 10 years, from 198 mW in 2,006 to 18,296 last year, it is fair to say that California’s expectations are very reasonable.


Another aspect that the green movement in California is affecting, is the economy. As the solar production grows, so does the business, and many solar companies were established in California, creating 100,000 jobs, and making it a competitive market, which benefits the customers, who get to choose out of many companies and find the best price with the best quality.SEIA - Solar Energy Industries AssociationInformation was taken from SEIA website –


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